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WOODFRIEND is a collection of equipment developed according to an innovative approach to physical exercise, designed as instruments to restore the equilibrium of the individual through correct posture.
The elements with which they are made work on the concept of proprioception , which means the capacity to perceive the position of our body in space and the relative state of muscle contraction.


Circle Training. This is a system developed for an innovative type of training which allows you to train in a natural way, making the most of the natural weight of the body. The Circle area is characterized by a series of elements in curved wood, to which it is possible to attach elastic bands to different fixed points.
This allows the possibility to have various configurations of exercise, providing training for different parts of the body. What’s more the centre pad has been designed to allow a comfortable support for your back.


Postural bar. MINERVA is a postural bar which integrates the concept of proprioception.
In fact inside it there are some metal spheres which contribute to increase the complexity of the exercise while trying to regain postural equilibrium. There are also present two attachment points for elastic bands, which allow you to noticeably increase the range of exercises possible.


EUCLIDE is a device designed for the recovery of your correct posture in a short time and in a natural way. Together with exercises for stretching the muscles you can work on your posture, aiming to improve your physical condition on the whole.
A system of attachment points also allow you to attach elastic bands, thanks to which it is possible to integrate and combine stretching and pulling exercises.


Proprioceptive bench. Venere is a system composed of elements designed to work according to the concept of proprioception. It integrates different types of proprioceptive benches, which can be utilized singularly or inserted in the main base.
There are also attachment points which allow the integration of elastic bands to work on pulling exercises. This allows you to have a more varied exercise system, enabling you to use different parts of the body.


Medicine ball. GLOBO is a medicine ball which allows you the possibility to integrate inside it a series of weights which allows you to vary the weight according to the type of exercise.
The central steel disc also permits you to attach elastic bands to increase the type of exercises.


Treadmill. APOLLO is a treadmill that functions on the natural movement made possible by a series of non motorized rollers. The curved tread allows you to have a correct posture while exercising.
It is also possible to combine it with the use of elastic bands, noticeably increasing the exercise possibility.